At Campbell Town District High School (CTDHS), our practice is driven by our school values: respect, learning, resilience, integrity, inclusion and positive relationships. These values underpin the behavioural expectations of all members in this school community, including the principal, all school staff, parents, students and visitors. We respect the diversity of individuals in our school community and value the shared responsibilities of all members in building a safe and respectful school community.

The school offers programs for children from Birth to 4 years through Launching into Learning. These programs are part of our Early Childhood Program and include Pre-Kinder, Movement to Musicians, and Littlies in the Library. The early years are a critical time for a child’s development and cement in place lifelong learning habits. Parents of 0 – 4 aged students also have the opportunity to connect with the school community. Such connections enhance the successful transition to formal schooling.

CTDHS’s learning program focuses on developing highly literate, forward thinkers and problem solvers. With specialised teaching support during dedicated literacy learning time and STEM, students are provided the best quality start to their learning journey. However, our diverse curriculum reaches far beyond traditional academic learning. A unique blend of artistic, sporting, and outdoor learning experiences are combined to develop self-belief, courage, leadership and resilience.

Our Inspiring Positive Futures Program supports student’s knowledge, skills and experienced for life beyond school. Students are encouraged to explore a plethora of pathways for the future. Each student is mentored towards attaining his/her personal best and is empowered to grasp opportunity.

School Priorities

Launching Into Learning (LiL)